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Festivals & Events

The weather is cool, and flowers and chocolates line the store aisles, which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day! This time of year Wakulla County is home to spirited events, a celebratory atmosphere, and abundant chances to get outdoors and fall in love with the world around us.

Romance is in the air at the Valentines Day Parade and Festival

Residents and visitors in Wakulla County will be gathered together to celebrate love at the Valentine’s Day Parade and Festival. This exciting event will take place at Hudson Park in Crawfordville on Saturday, February 9, with the parade beginning at 10:00 AM. The festival is organized by the Rotary Club of Wakulla, and proceeds are used to support various charitable groups across the county.

Once the parade floats have made their way through, there will still be plenty of seasonal delights for all, with Valentine-themed arts and crafts, food and beverages for sale, and live entertainment throughout the afternoon. Whether you’re young or old, single or spoken for, come for the love of community and fun; all are welcome!

Rekindle your love of the natural world

Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on our relationships with our loved ones, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of why we love the natural world. And there’s no better place to celebrate your love of nature than in Wakulla County. From the expansive wilderness of the Apalachicola National Forest to the stunning flora and fauna of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and everywhere in between, Wakulla County is the ideal destination for a Valentine’s Day immersed in the beauty of our planet. Whether you want to spend your Valentine’s weekend photographing wildlife in the quiet wetlands, angling for a beautiful saltwater fish that you can cook and enjoy with your family, or simply relaxing with a good book in the natural splendor that surrounds you, Wakulla County is the place to strengthen your connection with nature.

Make a Valentine’s Day date with Wakulla County

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, but here in Wakulla County, we are overwhelmed with love for our area every day of the year. We want to show you why we are so passionate about the beautiful natural areas and welcoming communities that make up this exceptional place. Whether you want to celebrate the day with someone special, enjoy a weekend with your whole family, or relax in the solitude, make your Valentine’s Day date in Wakulla County this year. Check out our various accommodations from quaint B&Bs to full-service hotels, and start planning your journey today.