Image of Spring Creek with dock and boat

Experience vintage Florida at its best in the rustic fishing village of Spring Creek. Located at the end of county road 365, Spring Creek is a unique time capsule offering a window to the passing era of fisherman and oystermen with working boats just as they were 50 years ago. Winding creeks, marsh islands and oyster bars frame the visible freshwater spring that “boils” incredibly to the surface in the Gulf. At 100 feet deep by 35 feet wide, the “Spring Creek Rise” is a major contributor to the spring system tied to Wakulla Springs. It is surrounded by the largest discharge of submarine springs in the world which can produce over a billion gallons of fresh water per day. Spring Creek derives its name from these fourteen springs that pump fresh water directly into the salty Gulf to create the ideal environment for some of the finest seafood in the world.

From native people to early Spanish settlers, Confederate troops and southern pioneers, the bounty of this area has provided generations for thousands of years. Commercial fishing, sport fishing, duck and goose hunting once created a thriving economy for the community of Spring Creek.

Discover the serenity and quiet beauty of Spring Creek. This is “real Florida” nestled among sprawling live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss and dotted with sabal palms next to timeworn cottages that whisper tales of long ago. A very special place a little off the beaten track…but well worth the visit.