The 19th Annual Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival

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Boy worm gruntin'
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It’s a safe bet that you’ve never before experienced an event quite like the Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival. This unique occasion is the perfect opportunity to spend a day outdoors in beautiful Sopchoppy, learn about important regional traditions, and have a blast with your family and friends. The 19th-anniversary edition will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019, at 8:00 AM in downtown Sopchoppy.

The celebrated tradition of worm gruntin’

In a time before bait and tackle shops were prevalent throughout the country, many people lived in rural areas with unreliable transportation; because of these circumstances, worm gruntin’ was an important practice for people who wanted to go fishing. Worm grunters would stick a stake down into the soil and then rub it with an iron rod in order to create distinct vibrations in the earth. These vibrations would coax live earthworms up to the surface, where they could then be collected and used for bait to catch the next big one.

Now, of course, most people just purchase their bait worms from a store, but there are many people who still honor the tradition of worm gruntin’ throughout the country. Every spring in Wakulla County we join in on the fun and welcome expert worm grunters as they visit the festival to share their knowledge and keep the tradition alive.

Enjoy an exciting day filled with activities, contests, entertainment, and more

Once you’ve seen the experts demonstrate their worm gruntin’ prowess, there is still so much to experience at the festival. The day kicks off with a 5K race early in the morning, and you can keep the competitive spirit going all day long with activities such as the horseshoe contest and hula hoop contest. And just when you thought the experts got to have all the fun, there’s also a worm gruntin’ contest for attendees to try their own hand at it. Enjoy food and arts and crafts vendors throughout the day, and stay for the evening to boogie down at the Worm Grunters’ Ball.

Discover what other unique adventures await you in Wakulla County

The Worm Gruntin’ Festival is just one of the many special experiences you can have in Wakulla County. Our area is filled with natural wonders just waiting to be discovered, such as gorgeous hiking trails, serene waterfronts, and historical landmarks. Start planning your Wakulla excursion today, and get ready for the natural adventure of a lifetime.