4 Unique Adventures in Wakulla County

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Things to Do

With an abundance of natural areas, a plethora of one-of-a-kind events, and more, a trip to Wakulla County is never short on adventure. These are just a few of the exciting experiences that await you on your next visit.

Check out some of the many natural activities at Wakulla Springs State Park

Wakulla Springs State Park is one of the most beloved natural areas in Florida, and it provides a beautiful snapshot of the diverse ecosystems that make up most of this area. The centerpiece of the park is Wakulla Springs, the largest and deepest freshwater spring in the world, which is home to incredible marine life such as manatees.

While there’s no feeling quite like an exhilarating dip into the cool waters of the springs on a hot day, the park is a fantastic place to visit during any season. Take a boat tour and learn about the history of Wakulla Springs, enjoy a hike around the swampy lands that surround the water, or tour the historic lodge that serves as a full-service hotel and restaurant.

Witness the secrets of the deep sea at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

When you visit the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea, you’ll embark on an exploratory oceanic journey that perfectly blends education and adventure. The facility is a real working lab that houses some fascinating aquatic wildlife in seawater tanks and aquariums. Your tour brings you alongside some of the most interesting creatures to roam the oceans. There are even some animals that you can pick up and touch!

Connect with the wilderness at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

As one of the oldest wildlife refuges in the U.S., the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge stands as a nature lover’s dream. If you are into bird watching, wildlife photography, or you simply love to appreciate animals in their natural habitat, then a visit here must be on your bucket list. The refuge also hosts a rotating schedule of recurring and special events, such as guided wildlife tours and educational presentations on some Sundays.

Attend one of our exciting community events and festivals

Wakulla County may be known as The Natural Place To Be, but our communities are the heart and soul of our area. You can join in on our community spirit when you come to one of the numerous seasonal events and festivals held throughout the year. For instance, see how early humans worked with tools and staged competitions at Knapfest—The Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival, or participate in the time-honored tradition of luring earthworms to the surface using vibrations at the annual Worm Gruntin’ Festival in Sopchoppy.

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