12th Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival

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You’ve never experienced an event quite like Knapfest, also known as the Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival, held in Ochlockonee River State Park. Now in its 12th year, this unique celebration of prehistoric human ingenuity gives attendees the chance to learn more about early toolmaking and art and even witness some incredible feats of strength the way they were performed eons ago.

The 12th annual Knapfest is taking place from Friday, February 22 to Sunday, February 24, 2019, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily at Ochlockonee River State Park. Admission is $4.00 per vehicle for up to 8 occupants and $2.00 for each additional occupant.

Discover how early humans lived, worked, and created art

There may not have been any history books documenting when early humans roamed the earth, but archaeologists, anthropologists, and other natural scientists have done an amazing job of piecing together many of their activities and rituals. Knapfest is the perfect opportunity to dive into this unknown world and explore. You’ll learn about flint knapping, which is how early humans first developed sharp edges on rocks that would form the basis of many tools. You can find out how they came to tan animal hides to create vital garments that helped them survive the difficult natural conditions. The prehistoric world may feel very alien to us modern humans, but Knapfest puts you right at the center of the journey of early man and helps you develop a deeper connection to the evolution of humanity.

Engage in live demonstrations and witness exciting prehistoric competitions

Not only do you get to see demonstrations of the activities mentioned above—as well as others such as bone carving—but when you come to Knapfest you also get to participate in them as well. Try your hand at flint knapping and some of these other ancient crafts, and see how well you would have adapted to a prehistoric environment.

Also among the premier events at Knapfest every year are the competitive sports, where seasoned participants try to best each other in exciting contests such as atlatl throwing, primitive archery, and flint knapping. The competitive spirit is always high, so make time during your visit to check them out.

Celebrate humanity’s connection to the natural world

The arts and crafts celebrated at Knapfest are more than just relics; they are important reminders of how we as humans have always had a deep connection to our planet. This connection runs through the fabric of life in Wakulla County, so come for Knapfest 2019, and stay to discover more of the abundant natural wonders and stirring outdoor activities that make this such a special place to live and visit.