A gag grouper
Hunting and Fishing Seasons

As of April 1, 2018, recreational gag grouper season is officially open in the coastal waters of Wakulla County! Find out how you can enjoy the season safely and responsibly while soaking up the pleasures of this wonderful time of year.

Everything you need to know for a successful fishing season

The grouper is an iconic species of fish throughout the waters of the Gulf of Mexico; prized by both anglers for its abundance, as well as by diners for its tender flesh and mild, clean flavor. Every year, visitors and residents of Wakulla County have an opportunity to test their mettle in the gulf waters off the coast and fish for this remarkable species.

Wakulla County is a haven for anglers, and there are numerous tackle shops and outfitters here that can supply you with everything you need for your gag grouper excursion. On the way to your preferred launch area, be sure to stop by one of the local suppliers such as Shell Island Fish Camp and Marina, Rock Landing Marina, or AMS Marine Supply to ensure you are properly stocked for your journey.

There are several convenient places throughout the area where you can begin your fishing adventure. Some of the ramps, like the St. Marks City River Park ramp and the Newport ramp launch into the St. Marks River, which you can then follow into the Gulf of Mexico. If you prefer to launch directly into the gulf you have several options available to you as well, including the Rock Landing ramp and the ramp at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center.

Always remember to fish safely and legally

Gag grouper season is one of the best times of the year for angling enthusiasts, but it’s important to remember the proper protocols before you hit the water. Most importantly, you must have a valid Florida fishing license on you anytime you are fishing. Also, remember to follow size and catch limits to ensure that these beautiful fish remain in our waters for generations to come. Gag grouper must be at least 24 inches in order to be kept, and each person can only harvest four fish per day (two of which may be kept). Finally, remember to bring sunscreen and drinking water, and always practice safe boating no matter where you are.

Plan an exciting natural adventure in Wakulla County

Fishing for gag grouper is just one of many opportunities in Wakulla County to connect with nature and embrace the spirit of the outdoors. We encourage you to book a few nights in one of our accommodations that suits you best, and take the time to dig deep into the natural wonders of Wakulla County. Whether that means hiking, wildlife watching, or simply more fishing, we’ve got you covered!