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Wakulla Springs State Park is many things all at once: bubbling natural phenomenon, nature-lover’s paradise, luxury resort, historic movie set (for films such as The Creature From The Black Lagoon), and much more. Discover more about what makes this park so unique, and why springtime just might be the best season to experience it.

Watch the wildlife awaken from a winter slumber

The arrival of spring in Wakulla County brings a vibrancy to the air that just can’t be matched. Spring is the perfect time to get out on foot and explore the various areas of the park. Meander through some or all of the 9-mile nature trail and observe blooming wildflowers, historic trees in a dense, hardwood forest, and numerous species of birds reveling in the extended hours of sunshine.

Another option is to take the Cherokee Sink Trail the 1.4 miles to Cherokee Sink. The spring season offers a great opportunity to see crabapple and dogwood blossoms as you make your way through the trail. Whether you’re an avid photographer or just an observer, you’ll find that springtime in Wakulla Springs brings plenty of wildlife for you to soak in.

Experience the vibrant waters that run through Wakulla Springs

Since the name of the park is Wakulla Springs you’d have to expect that water plays an important part in the area’s ecosystem, and you’d be correct. The boat tour down the Wakulla River is one of the most beloved activities in Wakulla Springs State Park. They run all year long, but it can get a bit chilly out on the water in the coldest winter months. Take advantage of the warmer temps and see this beautiful resource from a close vantage point.

The park also features a glass-bottom boat tour of the springs themselves, although it only operates when the water is clear enough to see below. The spring months offer some of the best chances for clearer water, so you just might get lucky. You can always contact the Visitor’s Center to inquire about the possibility of glass-bottom boat tours for the day.

Stay in the heart of it all

There are many fantastic accommodations throughout Wakulla County, but if you’re going to make Wakulla Springs the focal point of your trip you might as well stay nearby. Thankfully the full-service Wakulla Springs Lodge is located directly on the property for you to enjoy.

The lodge is designed in a Moorish-influenced Spanish style with art deco touches, and it has been a staple of the area since it opened in 1937. It also features an outstanding restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it’s home to a traditional marble soda fountain. Find out more about the Wakulla Springs Lodge and reserve your stay today!

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