Wakulla County Is The Perfect Place For Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

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Things to Do

Studies have shown spending ample time outside is a crucial part of childhood development. It can help increase the focus in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), improve creativity and cognitive ability, and reduce stress.

With school, work, and extracurricular schedules becoming more frantic all the time, it’s difficult for most families to find enough time to be together in an outdoor environment. But time in the sunshine isn’t just beneficial for the kids, because it can lead to reduced stress for the entire family.

When it comes time to plan your next family vacation, consider putting together an itinerary that is focused on outdoor activities your entire family can enjoy together. With its copious opportunities for outdoor fun and its convenient location just south of Tallahassee, Wakulla County is the place to be when you need some family time in a natural environment.

Marine Activities

Wakulla County is home to numerous lakes, streams, and rivers, and wherever you are, you’re never more than a few miles away from the majestic Gulf of Mexico. When you’re surrounded by incredible aquatic ecosystems, you’ll definitely want to spend some time out on the water. One of the best ways for a family to enjoy the waterways of Wakulla County is to rent a canoe or some kayaks and immerse yourself in your surroundings. There’s no better way to see the lush beauty of the Florida landscape than by paddling together down a serene stream.

Historical Sites

The history of the North American continent is deeply rooted in Wakulla County, with Native Americans, Spanish explorers, Civil War armies, and more playing an important role in shaping this area throughout the centuries. Many of these historical sites, including Fort San Marcos de Apalache and the Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park, contain outdoor, self-guided walking tours that are perfect for the whole family. Another fascinating experience is to walk or bike along the 16-mile Tallahassee to St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, which follows the path of Florida’s very first railroad line. Adults and kids alike can get their much-needed time outside and enrich their historical knowledge of the area simultaneously.

Horseback Riding

Perhaps you live somewhere where the opportunities for horseback riding are extremely limited, or maybe you’re a seasoned rider who grew up around horse farms. In either case, the scenic trails, vibrant woodlands, and stunning coastlines of Wakulla County offer some of the most beautiful views on horseback. The many stables and ranches in the area are perfectly equipped to set you up with everything you need for an equestrian adventure.

Hiking and Wildlife Watching

Sometimes the best way to see the world is on your own two feet. The hundreds of miles of trails and paths throughout Wakulla County are perfect for nature photographers, bird-watchers, and families that just want to take a walk in the woods together. You’ll be amazed at the remarkable diversity and quiet elegance of this special land.