Treat Dad to the Fishing Trip of His Dreams This Father’s Day

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A father and his son fishing in Wakulla
Hunting and Fishing Seasons

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and instead of getting dad a variation of the same necktie you gave him last year, why not treat him to an experience he’ll never forget: a Father’s Day fishing adventure in Wakulla County.

Wakulla County Is a Haven for Every Type of Angler

One of the best things about spending this Father’s Day casting lines in Wakulla County is that there are fishing options to suit everyone’s taste. Is your dad a seasoned angler who likes to head way offshore in search of deep-sea glory? Then set out on one of our many boat ramps into the Gulf of Mexico and get ready for a day of saltwater fishing excellence. Is he a casual fisherman who just wants to enjoy a relaxing day on a dock with his kids? Then maybe one of our numerous lakes, streams, and rivers are more his style.

From modest ponds to the majestic gulf, the towns, shores, and protected areas of Wakulla County are teeming with unique fishing opportunities. Popular species such as bass, redfish, grouper, and snapper can all be found in our waters. There are also great places to go fishing from a kayak, as the hosts of the series Hooked on Wild Waters found out when they recently took an excursion to Panacea.

Get Outfitted with Everything You Need for a Successful Trip

Every great fishing trip begins with the right gear. Wakulla County is home to numerous marinas, tackle shops, and guide services that will have you prepared for the best Father’s Day ever. Whether you just need to stock up on hooks and bait or charter a full-service guide, you can be sure that you will have everything you need before hitting the water.

Plan for Scalloping Season with Dad

Even though the season starts after Father’s Day, you can give your dad the gift of an upcoming trip to Wakulla to go scalloping! Beginning in July, scalloping season is one of the most popular times of the year for seafood fans. Be sure to read the regulations on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website before starting your scalloping adventure.

Enjoy a Father’s Day Weekend in the Wild, Picturesque Lands of Wakulla County

Enjoying a day on the boat with dad is a special experience, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the natural adventures open to you in Wakulla County. Visit our accommodations page to start planning your Father’s Day weekend now, and turn your excursion with dad into a thrilling exploration of mother nature.