The Cadillac of Honey: Tupelo Honey from Wakulla

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Bee on a piece of honeycomb
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Tupelo honey is one of the most unique products in the world, and it just so happens to be a staple throughout Wakulla County! This distinctive honey is worth the trip on its own, but you’ll find so much more to see and do when you visit beautiful Wakulla County.

A world-renowned honey with humble roots

Tupelo honey is produced from the blossoms of either the white or black tupelo gum tree, trees that thrive in the dense, wooded areas of southern Georgia and northern Florida—especially near wetlands. This, of course, makes them the perfect species of trees for Wakulla County, which is home to hundreds of square miles of forests abutting rivers, streams, and lakes.

White tupelo honey is prized by home cooks and professional chefs alike, and it has become famous both for its flavor, and because it’s the only known variety of honey that doesn’t crystalize. It will become granular if it is mixed with any other type of honey, so beekeepers must be extra careful when they are harvesting it to only collect honey from the white tupelo blossoms. For this reason, white tupelo honey is often slightly more expensive than other artisanal honey varieties.

An integral part of the Wakulla County economy

Because tupelo honey is only commercially produced in a few areas in the southeastern U.S., it has been an important export for Wakulla County beekeepers and vendors for years. The “Cadillac of Honey,” as it is often known, can be found for sales in many different areas of the county, including roadside farm stands and some grocery and convenience stores.

Local producers have worked to years to perfect their harvesting techniques for this vital resource, and Wakulla County vendors can be trusted to supply only the finest quality tupelo honey. In fact, no trip to the area is complete without sampling one of the world’s most unique agricultural products!

Tupelo honey is ingrained in Wakulla’s natural landscape

The abundance of tupelo gum trees and the bounty of tupelo honey that comes along with them is one of the many reasons why Wakulla County is a natural paradise on earth. It’s an area that is deeply connected to the natural environment that surrounds it, and this can be seen in everything from wildlife preserves, to the care with which tupelo honey is harvested.

If you want to experience some of the many natural wonders of this area, spend some time in Wakulla County. Whether you’re into active sports such as kayaking, or you’d simply prefer to stroll along a nature trail with your camera, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with the land around you. Check out all of the incredible options for accommodations throughout the county, and don’t forget to take a jar of tupelo honey home with you!