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Wildlife and Nature

In Wakulla County, this is the ideal time to reflect on how thankful we are for the remarkable natural ecosystems in the area that are so important to our way of life.

Go birdwatching in an ecologically diverse environment

If your idea of communing with nature is grabbing a pair of binoculars and a birding book and scouring the skies for interesting avian species, then Wakulla County is the perfect place for you to enjoy a weekend of birdwatching. In areas such as the beautiful St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and the lush Ochlockonee River State Park, you can view numerous different species of birds throughout the county in their natural environments and migratory routes.

One of the reasons why birdwatching opportunities abound in this region is because of the diversity of ecological habitats that coexist in Wakulla County. Shorebirds are drawn to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, waterfowl gather in the numerous marshes and freshwater sources, and rare woodpeckers make their home in dense evergreen forests—and that’s only scratching the surface!

Take in the beauty of your surroundings on a hike

When you crave to feel closer to nature, hiking truly is one of the best and most satisfying activities. It allows you to feel the changes of the ground beneath your feet, touch the trees with your hands, and experience how far away industrialized civilization can feel just by going a little bit off the beaten path. When you visit Wakulla County, you can hike until your heart’s content on everything from small nature trails to long backcountry excursions. With areas such as the Apalachicola National Forest, Wakulla Springs State Park, and Fort San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park, you can explore the wonderful wilderness of the Florida panhandle on foot and foster a real appreciation for the role that nature has played in shaping the character of this region.

Ride your bike through beautiful nature trails and scenic roads

Clear blue skies pass above, tall marsh grasses sway in the gentle breeze, and majestic trees from centuries past line the trails; is there any better scenery for an invigorating bike ride? Come to take a ride down dedicated trails like the Tallahassee to St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail, the Ochlockonee Bay Bike Trail, or sections of the Florida National Scenic Trail to breeze by some of the most beautiful natural habitats in Wakulla County.

In order to fully grasp the beauty of our natural environment and understand why it is so important to Wakulla County, you have to see it for yourself. Now is the time to start planning your stay at Wakulla County, where you can immerse yourself in nature and be thankful for the lands and waters that are open and available to us.