St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge 2015 Monarch Butterfly Festival

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Butterfly sitting on purple flower
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There are few sights more invigorating than witnessing the migration of wild monarch butterflies, which is why the St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge is once again organizing its annual Monarch Butterfly Festival! This year, the Monarch Butterfly Festival will be held on Saturday, October 24 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

The St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most cherished nature preserves in the country, and this exciting event is perfect for veteran wildlife seekers as well as families looking for an afternoon of casual fun. Guests only need to pay the Refuge entrance fee in order to attend, so don’t miss one of the most unique festivals in the country!


As you would expect from an institution as revered as the St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge, there will be plenty of opportunities for kids and adults to learn about monarch butterflies and other wildlife. You can watch the butterflies be tagged as they continue their journey southward to warmer climates for the winter. Watching the brilliant orange butterflies take to the sky together is truly one of the most beautiful sights in nature, and every year the Monarch Butterfly Festival presents an opportunity to see them up close and personal. Additionally, many different exhibitors will be on hand with informational and educational presentations.


You and your family can stay at the festival for its entirety, as picnic food will be available featuring Bradley’s sausage dogs and all-beef hot dogs. After lunch, you can even take an idyllic trip down one of the Refuge’s many scenic hiking trails.

Family Fun

The Monarch Butterfly Festival features many more exciting events that the whole family will enjoy! There will be special activities and craft projects set up especially for the kids, so they’ll always have fun and engaging ways to spend their time at the festival. Also, guests can embark on an exclusive, “behind the gates” tour of the St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge contains one of the most diverse and interesting ecological habitats on the planet, so this tour is not to be missed! You’ll also have the ability to relax and enjoy live music throughout the festival, and no trip to the Refuge is complete without exploring the many wonders contained in the Nature Shop.