Remains of Creature from the Black Lagoon Discovered at Wakulla Springs!

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Archeologists confirmed what they believe to be remains of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The discovery was made Friday afternoon at Wakulla Springs State Park in Wakulla County, Florida

Authorities were first notified after a young girl playing at the springs happened to come across the remains of this thought-to-be-fictitious creature. The creature first came into prominence in the first-ever 3-D movie in 1954, filmed at the spring.

The young girl, who requested to remain anonymous, told authorities that this fortunate find was accidental. Her ring slipped off her finger while playing near the 2-story dive tower. Looking around the area for her lost ring, she noticed a part of the remains, and called her friends over to look.

“I never did find my ring,” she told local authorities. “But it looks like I found something even cooler!” Archeologists are currently working at the park. They were quickly brought in to preserve the remains, which are expected to go on display at the park later this year.

During a brief interview, Chief Archeologist on the project, Edward Sopp, said, “It’s fortunate that we found the remains where we did. The Spring has a flow rate of 200-300 million gallons of water every day, so we are very lucky that it wasn’t dislodged.”

For more information on the details of this story, please remember that it is April Fool’s Day. While this story may not be true, there are many fascinating features that have emerged from Wakulla Springs.

The current archaeological project (the real one) is open to visitors Tuesdays through Sundays between 10 and 2 p.m. The excavation for this cycle end April 24. To see where the 13,500-year-old mastodons were discovered, take a tour April 15 during the Wakulla Wildlife Festival. Walking With Mastodons is almost sold out.

To learn more about Wakulla Springs, you can explore Visit Wakulla’s Website. If you are interested in becoming more involved in preserving Wakulla Springs for future generations, please go to the Friends of Wakulla Springs Website.