A Gag Grouper
Hunting and Fishing Seasons

It’s time once again for the arrival of the season that anglers all over the Gulf Coast region dream about; gag grouper season is open in the state waters of Wakulla County from April 1 to June 30! The gag grouper is one of the most prized fish in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico because it is fun to catch and makes a delicious meal. Find out what you need to know in order to fish safely and legally and have a fantastic gag grouper season in 2019.

Successful fishing trips begin with following regulations

As you plan your trip to catch some beautiful gag grouper, it’s crucial to understand and follow the laws and regulations governing recreational fishing. First, note that this season only applies to gag grouper caught in state waters off the coast of Wakulla County, extending 9 miles from the shore.

Never engage in any recreational fishing—whether from a boat or the shore—unless you have a valid Florida fishing license on your person. Gag grouper must be a minimum of 24 inches in total length to be kept, and the daily bag limit is 2 per person within 4 grouper aggregate. These regulations are strictly enforced by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, so know your limitations before you cast a line.

Tips for getting the most out of this gag grouper season

Safety is another important concern when fishing for gag grouper. Follow safe boating procedures, and make sure to look for dive flags indicating divers in the water. The Florida sun can be intense even in the spring, so double check that you have plenty of water and sun protection before going out in the gulf.

To make sure you’re properly outfitted for your angling adventure, visit one of Wakulla County’s well-appointed outfitters. There are many different boat ramps that can take you into the Gulf of Mexico, but some of the most popular in the include Myron B. Hodge City Park in Sopchoppy, the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, and Rock Landing Ramp in Panacea.

Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of Wakulla County

Catching gag grouper is only the beginning of an unforgettable natural excursion in Wakulla County. Whether you want to explore additional fishing opportunities, photograph some stunning animals in their unspoiled habitats, or relax near our beaches, rivers, and lakes, we are ready to welcome you to our natural paradise. Start planning your trip today and find out just how much there is to see in Wakulla County.