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Did you know that with a valid public library card, you can gain entry to all Florida state parks?

The Real Florida Reader Day Pass will be the new must-have for all adventurers! It’s as easy as visiting your local library and requesting the pass by presenting your valid library card. If you don’t have a library card, that’s just as simple to receive. Ask your librarians how to get one—it’s free, and so is the Real Florida Reader Day Pass. Visiting Florida’s beautiful state parks, like Wakulla County’s own Wakulla Springs State Park, has never been more accessible.

With over 175 state parks, the benefits of the Real Florida Reader Day Pass are innumerable. Enjoy areas of Florida you’ve never seen before, and spend the day surrounded by nature for absolutely no cost. A fun activity for families is using your library card to check out books all about Florida’s local wildlife, from types of trees to fish you want to catch. Bring that knowledge with you to the park, and enrich your day trip.

The Real Florida Reader Day Pass can be checked out just like a book, too. Each location in the state has a certain number of passes that can be handed out, which validate state park entry for one vehicle of up to eight people. Bring the pass back to your library location when you’re done with your amazing day in nature, and start planning your next trip! Check with your local library for any specific guidelines regarding the Real Florida Reader Day Pass, or read more on the state park website. This pass is perfect for kids in need of a summer activity, fishermen seeking a peaceful day on the water, and anyone who wants to get out and experience everything Florida state parks have to offer.

Don’t forget to take advantage of free entry to the stunning state parks of Wakulla County with this pass! From birding to boating, fishing and kayaking, or simply walking along the well-maintained trails and visiting historical sites, Wakulla is full of activities for all. Make it a weekend trip by staying in a local hotel or campground and trying a new restaurant before spending an afternoon relaxing on the beach. Wakulla Springs and Ochlockonee River State Parks have so much to do and see, and with the Read Florida Reader Day Pass, all of this and more are at your fingertips.

Visit your local library and try it out today! The pass is valid until September 2, 2022.