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When visiting the Gulf Coast this year, be sure to include Fort San Marcos de Apalache State Park on their travel itineraries – especially if you are a history buff!

Come for the History at Fort San Marcos de Apalache

Fort San Marcos de Apalache is situated at Tucker’s Point on the banks of the St. Mark’s River where it joins the Wakulla River just north of Apalachee Bay. From this vantage point, the Spanish established a wooden stockade to oversee their expansion in Northwestern Florida as early as 1679.

Today, Spanish, English, American, and Confederate flags fly over the park to celebrate the area’s rich history. Guests to the park can visit the site’s museum which was built upon the fort’s original Marine hospital. The museum houses archaeological treasures unearthed near the original fort site.

As visitors explore the grounds, they walk the same grounds as soldiers from America’s past including colonial occupiers and American heroes. Visitors can see firsthand the evidence of the park’s rich history including gravesites of American soldiers from General Andrew Jackson’s occupation of the site during the Seminole Wars remains of Confederate earthworks and powder magazine from the Civil War archaeological ruins dating back to the colonial Spanish era including a military bombproof and bastion.

Stay for the Nature at Fort San Marcos de Apalache

Because of the Fort’s location within the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, nature enthusiasts can appreciate their park experience as well. The park offers numerous hiking trails and tranquil fishing spots. Freshwater and salty seawater mix at the estuary at Tucker’s Point. Unique species that thrive in that environment include speckled trout, redfish, and sheepshead. Barbeque grills and picnic tables are provided throughout the park to facilitate your visit.

It’s about time to plan a visit to Wakulla County! Fort San Marcos de Apalache offers free admission to the park and is open Thursday through Monday, year-round, and is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Whether you are in need of lodging or attraction information, visit us at www.visitwakulla.com to help plan your trip to Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast.