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Wildlife and Nature

Cutting through the diverse and beautiful north Florida landscape, the Big Bend Scenic Byway is the perfect way to see many of the sights that make Wakulla County such a dynamic natural habitat. This 220-mile highway traverses a variety of different thriving ecosystems, and much of the road lies within the limits of Wakulla County itself.

Parts of the Big Bend have been an important corridor through the Florida gulf coast since the 16th century, when Spanish explorers were among the first Europeans to set foot in the area. Although many centuries have passed, the ephemeral beauty of the environment and the rich wildlife habitats remain for explorers of future generations to discover.

Two exciting and distinctive routes to explore

The Big Bend Scenic Byway is divided into two smaller subsections, each with their own unique attractions and beauty. First is the Forest Trail, which passes through many of Wakulla County’s most popular historical sites and preserved lands. Driving across the Forest Trail will bring you a plethora of wildlife watching opportunities, with convenient stops throughout the Apalachicola National Forest, the Wakulla Springs State Forest, and Wakulla Springs State Park.

Meanwhile, the Coastal Trail hugs the wetlands and marshes just off the Gulf of Mexico, and it brings you front and center with amazing maritime vistas and aquatic wonders. If you just can’t miss the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and the San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park, you’ll definitely want to take a trip along the Coastal Trail. Each trail is home to numerous sights that make Wakulla County so special, so be sure to explore each one thoroughly!

Natural wonders abound all along the Big Bend Scenic Byway

The Big Bend Scenic Byway is your path to some of the most incredible natural land and abundant wildlife in North America. Upon stopping at one of the numerous protected natural areas in Wakulla County located on the road, you’ll have access to trails and paths rich with opportunities for photography or birdwatching. And you can’t leave the area without taking in some of the aquatic beauty of the Florida panhandle. Spots along the Big Bend Scenic Byway contain marshland, oyster habitats, and seagrass beds home to a diverse array of marine animals and aquatic birds.

Lodging and facilities are conveniently located so you can savor the experience

There is so much to see and do along the Big Bend Scenic Byway you couldn’t possibly experience everything in one day. There are several options throughout Wakulla County for lodging, as well as great restaurants and attractions that will make a memorable trip for the whole family. Don’t forget to download the complete guide to the Big Bend Scenic Byway so you can map out your plan and explore as much as possible on your travels in beautiful Wakulla County.

Visitors can pick up a copy of the Big Bend Scenic Byway Guide at the Wakulla County Welcome Center in Panacea.