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The stunning, white sand beaches and abundant sea life of the Florida gulf coast garner plenty of praise, and they deserve every bit of it. What’s less well-known is that Wakulla County, Florida is heaven on earth for amateur bird watchers and master ornithologists alike.

Owing to the area’s warm climate and diverse marine ecology, many different species of birds make their home in and near Wakulla County at various times throughout the year. These include the White-faced Ibis, the Snow Goose, Black Duck, Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Vermillion Flycatcher, and many, many more!

The natural habitats of Wakulla County offer incredible sightseeing opportunities for birding enthusiasts of any knowledge – and skill-level. Whether you prefer being led by an expert guide on an excursion, or you’d rather trek on your own path in the St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge or the Wakulla State Forest, you’ll feel right at home in the unique, natural beauty of Wakulla County. Start planning your visit today, and learn about all the amazing experiences waiting for you in Wakulla County.

Year-Round Birds

Much like many of the human residents of Florida’s gulf coast, many species of birds enjoy the frequent warm weather of the area throughout the seasons. You’re likely to spot and hear red-cockaded woodpeckers among the forest pine trees, and brown-headed nut hatches and Bachman’s sparrows thrive throughout the region as well.

Summer Birds

The many lakes and rivers dotting the landscape of the Florida panhandle are crucial to the survival of the birds in the area, especially during the hot and humid summers for which the state is famous. That’s why you’ll often see the distinct deep, black and white v-shape of the swallow-tailed kite soaring above the St. Mark’s River in the summertime. These are the birds after which flying kites were named. Highly sought purple gallinules can also be spotted during the hottest months of the year, especially in and around Headquarters Pond.

Winter Birds

The St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most beloved institutions in all of Wakulla County. Aside from being a beautiful place to see diverse wildlife, it demonstrates the county’s dedication to preserving these unique natural habitats which are so important to the region’s ecological system. It was originally created as a refuge for migratory ducks, and every year from November through February they still make their way to the refuge. Clubs come from neighboring states and as far away as Miami to witness these ducks on their remarkable journey.

Bald Eagles

Among the most majestic animals on earth and near the top of any serious birder’s wish list is the bald eagle. They typically begin their arrival in Wakulla County in September and begin to nest just before winter begins, remaining there until the spring thaw in the northern US.

More Fun in Wakulla County

Birding is just the beginning of what makes Wakulla County such a distinctive destination. Kayakers, hikers, and history buffs will all find memorable excursions during their Wakulla County visit. See what exciting adventures await you in the Natural Place to Be.

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