Enjoy A Longer Red Snapper Recreational Fishing Season in 2018

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Pile of red grouper
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Every year, recreational anglers flock to the Florida gulf coast to test their luck at catching one of the most sought-after species of fish in the country: the red snapper. This year, the red snapper season will last for 40 days, instead of the original 24 that was proposed. This means that fishing enthusiasts have even more time to get out on the water and land some of these remarkable fish.

This year you can enjoy even more time to cast your line for red snapper

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most important places in the world for red snapper fishing, and the waters near Wakulla County are a great place to get in on the action and snag some of these beautiful fish. This year, Governor Rick Scott, along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, announced that the recreational red snapper fishing season would be extended to a full 40 days from 24 days, which was the original plan going into the season. This year, anglers can hit the water to catch red snapper beginning on June 11, and the season will end on July 21.

Red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico

Red Snapper is one of the most prized species of fish throughout the western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico for commercial and recreational anglers alike. Diners love the fish because of its slightly sweet, mild, tender flesh and versatility in cooking. The fresher the red snapper you can get your hands on the better it is likely to be, so this extended season is the perfect chance to cook a snapper that is straight out of the gulf waters.

While red snapper population numbers plummeted in the 1990s because of overfishing, stricter regulations on catches have allowed them to rebound steadily. Recreational anglers in Florida are limited to two daily red snapper per person, and they must be at least 16 inches long in order to be kept.

Fishing in the waters of Wakulla County

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and our many freshwater sources is one of the great pleasures of a visit to Wakulla County. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable red snapper season, so make sure that you always practice safe boating procedures, and remember that all anglers fishing in Florida waters must have a valid Florida fishing license on their person at all times while on the water.

Red snapper season is one of the most anticipated times of the year, but there are so many more fishing opportunities and outdoor adventures to experience in Wakulla County! Start planning your trip today, and spend part of your summer in our outdoor paradise.