Celebrate Incredible Gulf Seafood At The St. Marks Stone Crab Festival 2016

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Plate of stone crab claws with butter
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It’s almost time for stone crab season and St. Marks is throwing the perfect party to celebrate! The 2016 St. Marks Stone Crab Festival will be held on October 22, right in the heart of St. Marks, FL, and thousands of visitors are expected to attend. So bring your entire family and enjoy fresh local seafood and lots of entertainment in the great outdoors of Wakulla County.

No need to get crabby, there’s plenty of entertainment for the whole family

Stone crab may be the premier attraction at the festival, but there will be an entire day planned with live entertainment and family-friendly activities. Several different musical acts will be performing throughout the festival. There will also be a celebratory parade featuring participants from all over the community. Local vendors will be on hand with unique arts and crafts, and several educational displays will be setup to cater to curious minds of all ages.

Also, festival goers have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket to win a brand new John Deere Gator! Tickets are $100 and only 250 will be sold, so make sure to get one early for your chance to win.

All about Florida Stone Crabs

Although Florida stone crabs also live in the Atlantic Ocean and can be found in the waters off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina, the vast majority of the stone crabs harvested come from the Gulf of Mexico. Florida stone crab is one of the true gems of Gulf coast seafood, as the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico lead to delicate, tender claw meat that is prized by crab aficionados around the world.

Each year, the Florida stone crab season begins in mid-October and runs until mid-May the following year. It is illegal to harvest stone crabs outside this season, so seafood lovers anticipate the arrival of fresh stone crab all summer long. Only the claws are harvested since the crabs can often regrow them over time, and the bodies of the crabs contain very little meat.

Stone crabs are also known for being one of the most sustainable types of Gulf seafood in existence. When you come to the St. Marks Stone Crab Festival, you can enjoy great seafood from sources that are dedicated to protecting marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Explore the incredible Gulf Coast in beautiful Wakulla County

Beyond great seafood and entertainment, the St. Marks Stone Crab Festival is a chance to celebrate the unique diversity of Wakulla County’s Gulf Coast. Stop in for the festival, and then take your time exploring all of the amazing natural wonders of this thriving ecosystem. Wakulla County features accommodations to fit any needs and budget, so you and your family can stay in the heart of the action for this incredible festival.

For more information, visit www.stmarksstonecrabfest.com.