Anglers Rejoice: Red Snapper Season Is Back In Wakulla County

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Friday, June 16 marks the opening of red snapper fishing season in the Gulf of Mexico, one of the most anticipated events for recreational anglers around the country. Find out everything you need to know before you gear up and hit the open water this season.

Make the most of this limited fishing season

Beginning on Friday, June 16, recreational anglers will be able to fish for red snapper in the waters off the coast of Wakulla County every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This year, red snapper fishing will also be open on Monday, July 3, Tuesday, July 4, and Monday, September 4 for the holidays. September 4 will be the last day of the season for recreational red snapper fishing in the area.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission this will be the longest red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico since 2013. It is still a limited window, however, so make sure that you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity to catch one of the most popular species of fish in the region.

Outfit yourself with everything you’ll need for a successful fishing excursion

When you travel to Wakulla County for your red snapper fishing experience, you’ll have no trouble finding all of the facilities and equipment that you need to set yourself up for fun and success. This area is home to numerous boat ramps for your convenience, some of which empty directly into the Gulf of Mexico. There are also several marinas and tackle shops which you can visit to restock your supplies before you hit the open water.

Shell Island Fish Camp and Marina is one of the most popular spots for anglers in Wakulla County. It’s been locally-owned and operated since 1942, and it’s a full-service marina that offers a wide range of marine services and products. Cabins are also available so that you can stay right next to the prime fishing action, and their boat ramp empties into the St. Marks River which leads directly to the gulf.

Enjoy the splendor of summer in Wakulla County

This summer, come to Wakulla County for the red snapper, and stay for the exhilarating natural wonders of the area. When it’s time to put your pole down for the day, you’ll find a whole world of outdoor activities that you can explore, including secluded hiking trails, majestic wildlife to photograph, and even horseback riding on the beach.