A Wonder of Wakulla: George Griffin Pottery

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George Griffin Pottery sign in Sopchoppy
Local Spots

The George Griffin Pottery, of the gorgeous Wakulla County in Florida, is more than your stereotypical, quaint, pottery shop. Griffin’s shop is no average store located off a mediocre city street – it’s practically out of a storybook!

George’s unique pottery speaks for itself. So even if you’re not one for nature, come for his unique handiwork and be prepared to feel like you are at home.

A Must-See During Your Trip

After cycling down one of the beautiful tidal creek and marsh filled trails, or cooling off at Wakulla Springs, drive over to Sopchoppy and visit Griffin’s one-of-a-kind pottery shop. To get to Griffin’s shop you’ll go down a sandy dirt road that winds through beautiful woods, over a sparkling creek, and to the scenic farmhouse where his shop lies.

The handiwork of George Griffin is not just his pottery – he has built all you see in his shop. You’ll find Griffin’s farmhouse, kiln, chicken coop, and handcrafted bridge that he has put together himself to create a relaxing family friendly environment in the middle of nature’s finest in Sopchoppy, Florida.

Well Worth the Trip

The main reason to visit this magical nook is the captivating pottery pieces and the pottery creator, George Griffin, himself! Griffin’s pottery was established in 1975. His work reflects a traditional southern pottery style; the pieces are locally based, sturdy, and rustic.

His pottery is more than just professional or fine work, but gorgeous and whimsical. Each piece is individually created and signed from southern stoneware. He finds creating pottery as a way to meet modern needs through keeping alive a tradition in which he expresses his own soul.

Griffin is not just a potter and craftsman. He also pours himself into his farming, teaching, and writing as well. He is known for snapping photos and swapping stories with customers, making them feel like they’ve always known him. Similar to Wakulla County, coming to visit the George Griffin Pottery Shop is like coming home. When planning your next getaway, take into consideration the beautiful trails, one of the large freshwater springs, the cultural communities, and George Griffin Pottery of Wakulla County!