5 Reasons to Make Wakulla County Your Spring Break Destination

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Imagine your perfect Spring Break vacation… you’re surrounded by nature, waking up to beautiful bird songs, paddling down a trail, eating the best seafood Florida has to offer, and watching a gorgeous sunset with your family. This dream vacation is waiting for you. In Wakulla County, fun is in our nature.

Located in the groove of the Florida panhandle, Wakulla is the hidden gem of the Big Bend region. A visit to Wakulla is every nature lover’s dream, a place with everything imaginable to give you the time of your life in the great outdoors. Here are our top 5 reasons to visit Wakulla County this year, making unforgettable memories for the entire family.

1. Adventures on the Water

If you’re drawn to the water, the possibilities are endless in Wakulla! With eight full-service marinas around the area, you can spend the day admiring the coastline, paddling or kayaking, or casting your line in the open waters. If you’ve got a ride of your own, take your pick of over 13 boat ramps to kick off your adventure on the Wakulla waters.

2. Fishing with Friends

Don’t have your own ride? No worries! Wakulla is full of all-inclusive fishing charters to guarantee the best fishing experience. Shell Island Fish Camp & Marina has some of the best professional Captains in the region to lead you, and Fightin’ Bottom Charters caters your excursion to the fish you want to catch (and eat!). The brackish areas also allow for fishing on the banks if you’d prefer to fish from land. There are so many options to choose from, your biggest issue will be finding it impossible to pick one! Fresh AND saltwater anglers unite here in Wakulla County.

3. Wildlife Watching

Miles and miles of trails run through Wakulla County. From regular nature trails to extended hiking ones, they all have beautiful and unique wildlife in common. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and the Ochlockonee River State Park are known for their winged friends, and what better way to start your day than with a peaceful and scenic walk, challenging hike, or relaxing bike ride while being serenaded by songbirds? If you’re lucky, you might even run into Pinky, Wakulla County’s beloved flamingo!

Blue Heron holding fish in mouth

4. Seafood and More

Ditch the chains! Hidden gem towns like Wakulla are known for having the best local fare. Wakulla is full of locally-owned restaurants, with a wide variety of cuisine that’ll give everyone in your group plenty of tasty options. From true southern BBQ to fresh sea-to-table seafood, you’ll always have somewhere to eat that’s unique to your vacation destination.

5. Home Away from Home

Sometimes the hardest part of a trip is simply leaving the house, but in Wakulla, you’ll find a close-knit community and small-town vibe that will make you feel right at home. If you’ve brought your home on wheels, there are several RV resorts with full accommodations, amenities, and gorgeous scenery. If you prefer more traditional lodging, we have cozy inns, classic hotels, and other renowned lodging open to provide you with a safe and relaxing stay during your visit.

Lighthouse on beach with sunset in background

Rediscover your sense of wonder and make this spring break one to remember. Start planning the trip of your dreams today by clicking the button below.

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