5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Vacation in Wakulla

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Sunset overlooking water
Things to Do

Everyone has that one thing they really want to do while on vacation, and it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to visit that satisfies the desires of all members of the family. When you visit Wakulla County, you’ll find great activities for everyone, whether they want to hike a secluded nature trail or spend the day lounging on a boat.

Explore the open seas on a chartered boat

For many people, nothing says “vacation” more than a day spent cruising the beautiful open waters from the deck of a boat. The waters off the coast of Wakulla County are the perfect location for whatever type of boating you’re into. Whether you like to get out early and fish or simply lounge around and enjoy the scenery, you can plan your perfect boating vacation by chartering a boat through one of several companies.

Study the mysteries of the deep at the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory

Humans have always been drawn to and fascinated by the sea, and there’s no better place to quench your oceanic curiosity than at the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Panacea. This incredible facility functions both as a open-touch aquarium for viewing a diverse selection of aquatic species, and a working laboratory where experts are advancing the study of marine science every day. The Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory is truly a celebration of the variety of wildlife in the waters of Wakulla County.

Chill out on a relaxing kayak ride through lush natural environments

Spending a day on the water doesn’t have to mean chartering a motor-powered boat. You can also soak in the beautiful views and enjoy some aquatic tranquility in a kayak. Kayaks and canoes are easy to paddle for people of almost all ages and skill levels, and you can quickly take them from small streams and rivers out to the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico

Take a dip in the waters of Wakulla Springs

When the weather heats up, there’s nothing more satisfying than immersing yourself in the cool waters of Wakulla Springs. Thrill seekers will want to dive off of the 22-foot observation tower into the springs, while those who prefer a more relaxing experience can lay on the beaches and wade near the shore. Another great option at Wakulla Springs is to book a gorgeous river cruise.

Commune with birds and wildlife in their natural habitats

The various parks, forests, and nature preserves scattered throughout Wakulla County are paradise for wildlife watchers and photographers. In fact, there are over 300 different species of migratory birds that pass through these lands during the year. Savor all that this unique ecosystem has to offer by getting up close and personal with the wildlife of Wakulla County.

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