Three side-by-side pictures of people surrounding a table of cooked blue crabs, a boy worm gruntin', and an old car with the hood open
Festivals & Events

2017 was another banner year in beautiful Wakulla County, and our calendars were packed with wonderful events and exciting festivals that stretched from beginning to end!

February brought appreciations of history and wildlife

At the 10th iteration of Knapfest, attendees got to experience life as it was in the stone age (with modern comforts, of course). There were demonstrations of primitive tool making and arts and crafts, and even some exciting historical competitions such as archery and atlatl throwing. Meanwhile, nature aficionados gathered at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Heritage and Outdoor Festival to celebrate the diversity of wildlife in Wakulla County.

The beginning of spring means worm gruntin’ and fishing

April brings warmer temperatures and longer days, and it’s also prime time for the annual Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival. Folks at the festival got to see this traditional practice of coaxing worms out of the ground with vibrating wooden stakes first-hand.

Also in April, the Rock the Dock Fishing Tournament was a blast for anglers and spectators alike. Big fish were reeled in, prizes were awarded, and guests enjoyed hours of live entertainment.

Sopchoppy pulled out all the stops for a 4th of July celebration

The yearly 4th of July celebration in Sopchoppy is a favorite tradition amongst locals, and this year’s edition lived up to the hype. The day of fun and national pride was capped off by a fireworks spectacular that lit up the Florida sky.

September was a time to check out aircraft and automobiles

The Wings And Wheels Fly-In may be one of the newer traditions in Wakulla County, but it is quickly becoming a must-see event. On September 30th, attendees gathered at the Wakulla County Airport to view beautiful aircraft and automobiles, enjoy a day outdoors, and immerse themselves in fun activities and games.

The arrival of fall was synonymous with stone crabs and butterflies

This past October, locals and visitors alike came together to mark the opening of Florida stone crab season at the St. Marks Stone Crab Festival. These delicious crab claws can only be harvested during certain times of the year, and the festival honors this season by incorporating delectable recipes, educational displays, and more.

Also, the monarch butterflies bathed the sky in orange during their annual migration in late October. The Monarch Butterfly Festival at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge was a way for people to watch these beautiful insects fly through in droves and celebrate their importance to the ecosystem.

Panacea celebrated the majesty of the Christmas season

2017 in Wakulla County came to a spectacular close at the annual Christmas in Panacea. Guests enjoyed snow machines, a fantastic parade, and a visit from Santa himself as they celebrated the holiday season, and looked forward to the new year.

If you’re ready to see what exciting events are in store for Wakulla County in 2018, schedule some time to come visit us in the new year. No matter what season you visit, you will always find unique celebrations, friendly locals, and our stunning natural environment to enjoy.