11th Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival

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The 11th Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival is coming up fast! This year, the festival will take place from Friday, Feb. 23 through Sunday, February 25 from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM each day, at the Ochlockonee River State Park. Admission is only $4.00 per vehicle, so come out to have some fun and immerse yourself in some of our shared history.

Catch a rare glimpse into pre-history

We don’t have many opportunities to learn about what life was like for early humans, but the Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival gives you a chance to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences before the advent of recorded history. Our ancestors had to make use of resources and tools provided by the environment in order to survive. These developments played a crucial role in our ability as humans to adapt, evolve, and eventually come to exercise control over the planet. This fun and fascinating festival celebrates our connection to generations long past, while allowing attendees to observe and take part in interesting and exciting activities.

Participate in unique, live demonstrations

The practice of flint knapping dates back to some of the earliest days of mankind as we know it. At some point, an early human banged two rocks together to get a sharp edge, and then used that edge to cut something. The process of knapping caught on and spread throughout tribes, and it was refined until the humans had higher-quality tools that enabled them to hunt much more effectively.

At the festival you can watch live demonstrations of flint knapping by experts, and even take part yourself. You can also check out some of the other interactive demonstrations including deer hide tanning, and wood and antler carving. The festival website features a full schedule of the events that will be taking place.

Experience the thrill of primitive competition

The concept of competition stretches all the way back to the pre-historic era. The early humans may not have organized full-scale sports leagues, but our ancestors did learn to stage simple contests based around exhibition of a particular skill. The festival will feature several exciting competitions, such as atlatl dart (spear) throwing, primitive bow, and flint knapping.

Celebrate early humans’ connection to their environment

For the early humans, the natural environment was the source of everything, which makes Wakulla County the perfect location to host this distinctive event. The festival takes place against the scenic backdrop of the Ochlockonee River State Park, which is one of the many natural wonders that contribute to the ecological diversity of Wakulla County. We invite you to experience the Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival, and also stay for awhile and discover other reasons why Wakulla County is such a special place.