Old Wakulla County Jail

Directly across the street from the Old Historic Wakulla County Courthouse stands the Old Wakulla County Jail. The building constructed in 1949 and used as the county jail until 1972, is the only surviving example of Art-Deco architecture in Wakulla County. This historic building might have been demolished and paved over for a parking lot, if not for a passionate group enthusiastic to preserve the history of Wakulla County and the surrounding area. In 1998, a Resolution was passed giving permission for the “old jail” to be used to create a museum, storage and restoration facility. More than a decade later after years of determined perseverance and hundreds of volunteer hours, the Wakulla County Historical Society finally opened the first floor of the old jail as a fully operational museum in 2009.
While operational, the jail housed inmates upstairs in one room, but in segregated cells. The jailer and his family occupied three rooms downstairs where there also was a large kitchen and a radio dispatch room. Food for the inmates was prepared downstairs and taken up a narrow internal staircase. There was plenty of room beneath the staircase for confiscated moonshine. Rumors have it that Tallahassee legislators, on their way to St. Theresa for the weekend, would stop by the radio room regularly for free booze.
Inside the museum, visitors can examine original documents and browse fascinating historical displays, photographs, artifacts and memorabilia that portray early Wakulla life from the Civil War onward. There is a genealogical research room complete with computers and a broad range of research materials. A museum gift shop is fun to shop filled with books and items decorated attractively with historical depictions. The best part of a visit to the Wakulla County Jail Museum and Archives though, are the knowledgeable and friendly volunteer staff, many with deep local family roots who can answer most any question and entertain you with a colorful story to boot.
Plan a visit to the historic building and museum because this Old Jail house rocks!

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