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Want a local’s idea of what to do in Wakulla?

Our pre-planned itineraries have it all laid out for you. If you see something that particularly strikes your fancy, download it or print it out to add it to your trip plans.

Image of Fort & Lighthouse Tour Guide Cover

Fort & Lighthouse Tour

Begin the day with a brief orientation to St. Marks’ rich history at San Marcos de Apalache Historical State Park. Walk the self-guided trail and visit the excellent small museum to discover the rich history of its occupations by Apalachee Indians, Spanish Conquistadors, Pirates, British Soldiers, and later Confederate Troops. Afterward, launch your kayak at the adjacent public boat ramp and paddle downstream, following the grassy shoreline on the left (east) side of the St. Marks River.

Image of Sink & Springs Tour Guide Cover

Sink & Springs Tour

This two-part tour explores the fascinating world of “Karst,” a unique geological feature of the Byway. The term is applied to terrain that rain and groundwater have changed by dissolving underlying limestone bedrock. Start with a self-guided walk along the Leon Sinks Geological Trail, then visit Wakulla Springs. Have lunch at the lodge before exploring the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park and more!

Image of Apalachee Bay to Spring Creek Tour Guide Cover

Apalachee Bay “Inside Passage” to Spring Creek Tour

This journey includes saltwater paddling, opportunities for photography, birding, watching wildlife, fishing, and more! You can enjoy a self-guided tour or select a tour guide to help you navigate the 8-mile route. This tour is recommended for paddlers with Advanced Beginner skills and up. Enjoy the “Inside Passage” from Apalachee Bay to Spring Creek!