Skipper Bay

Lovely little hike in the Panacea Unit of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, down a sandy lane set against the beautiful marsh backdrop. Turn east on Skipper Bay Road, a graded dirt road off US 98 north of Panacea and pull off to the side for parking. Approximately a mile down this road, you will see a number of large Long-Leaf Pine trees marked with the characteristic turpentine "cat-face."  You can still see the tin drains attached, the best surviving remnant of the important turpentine and naval stores industry important to this region. The coastal area at the end of the road used to be the site of a seineyard around which temporary communities of fisherman formed for several months during the “mullet run” season when thousands of the silvery fish were caught.

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Skipper Bay Road
Panacea, FL 32346