Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Wakulla Springs State Park is built around one of the world’s largest springs and serves as a sanctuary allowing magnificent opportunities for wildlife observation. The nature trail in the main park provides up to 9 miles of easy to moderate hiking. It leads through southern hardwood forests and maple-cypress habitats. Several state and national champion trees (the largest for their species) mingle with other forest giants. The first half-mile of the trail has tree identification markers. A bridge over the Sally Ward Spring Run provides access to the upland hardwood forest on the north side of the Wakulla River. October through March are the best months to enjoy the trail. The practiced eye can spy both terrestrial and epiphytic orchids along with other beautiful wildflowers in season. From time to time flocks of wintering songbirds such as robins, cedar waxwings, phoebes, various warblers, and others can be heard if not seen along the trail.

The Cherokee Sink Trail is located in the Cherokee Sink Tract of the park. The entrance to the trailhead is on Hwy 61 two mile south of Hwy 267. It is on the west side of the road just opposite the main park. The trail leads 1.4 miles to Cherokee Sink, an 80 foot deep sinkhole lake. In March crabapple and dogwood blossoms brighten the walk. There are a couple picnic tables along the rim of the sink. The Casseau Cemetery is located somewhere along the south rim. By the late 1970's, (prior to state ownership) vandals had destroyed the markers and any trace of the plots. The park is continuing its efforts to locate and properly respect those buried there. A portable restroom is located at the trailhead.

The Bob Rose Trail is located in the Riversinks Tract of the park. The parking area is on the southeast corner of the Hwy 319 and New Light Church/CJ Spears intersection. The trail follows the cave system. Along its route there are different karst features such as dry and wet sinks, swallets, and collapsed cave.

October through March are the best months to enjoy the trail.

Hours & Details

Open daily 8:00am to sunset or as posted.

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