Made in Wakulla

Wakulla County might be renowned as a "Sportsman's Paradise," because of the wealth of unique outdoors activities offered within our county lines. But, did you also know there are an abundance of locally-crafted products created in Wakulla County that are equally famous?

From world-renowned tupelo honey and sugarcane syrup to one-of-kind arts and crafts -- or locally made sauces, jams, and seafood creations -- visitors can certainly pick up tasty and unique mementos of their time in Wakulla County.

Often called "The Cadillac of Honey," sweet, sticky Tupelo Honey is Wakulla County's most famous locally-made product. It comes from the blossoms of the white tupelo tree, which grows almost exclusively in wet areas dense with rich forests in the South, such as Wakulla County. Tupelo honey is a thriving commercial area product and can be found anywhere from roadside stands to area food markets and convenience stores -- all of which are supplied by local, respected vendors who have harvested and bottled the famous honey for years.

Wakulla County's 'cane syrup producers harvest their bounty locally from our rich river banks. They make it the old-fashioned way: kettle-cooked over a wood fire. The process is long, tedious, and a bit messy, but the end result is a syrup unlike any other you'll ever try. And like Wakulla County's tupelo honey vendors, 'cane syrup producers sell their products anywhere from the roadside to local stores and markets.

Don't forget to browse our locally-owned gift shops and stores for Wakulla souvenirs and works by our local artists, photographers, musicians, and authors. Especially good selections can be found in the gift shops of our local attractions: St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, Wakulla Springs State Park, and the Gulf Specimen Marine Aquarium in Panacea.

Plan to attend one of our many festivals to shop vendor booths for a wide assortment of wonderfully Made-in-Wakulla items, including locally-made hot sauces, jams, and jellies. Keep an eye out for friendly vendors selling their local wares -- such as hot boiled peanuts, jerky, or vegetables -- along the roadside, particularly during the summertime. Eat all the local seafood your heart desires at our family-operated seafood restaurants. Then, take home the freshest Wakulla seafood from our seafood markets -- smoked fish, prepared deviled crab, seafood dips, and spreads. Mmmm.