The County Seat

Crawfordville is the unincorporated county seat of Wakulla County, Florida, United States of America.

Crawfordville is the only unincorporated county seat among Florida's 67 counties. (Its boosters claim that it is also the only place in the state to have preserved its old wooden courthouse -- one that was in use until just after WWII). With rapid development and growth of this place 20 miles from Tallahassee in recent years, it can now also be cited for an extraordinary size and density of a population that doesn't touch or continue from any municipality. In addition, the county's having no more than 3 percent of its population in the two tiny municipalities that do exist may make the County seated at Crawfordville one of the most non-municipal in the U.S. Crawfordville, was named after Dr. John L. Crawford who lived in the community and was the town's doctor.


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